The Things We Carry

I am incapable of carrying a small bag. I just cannot to it. I spent 6 months searching for a new handbag, trying to find one that was the "perfect" size. I was trying to avoid the big bags that I always get yet still find one big enough for all my stuff and would still sit on my shoulder without falling off.

I've decided that such a bag does not exist. I ended up with another big bag. I like it, a lot, but let me tell you it gets heavy sometimes. And what is it that I need to carry around with me? Stuff.

Right now in my bag you will find:

  • keys

  • office pass

  • water bottle

  • fruit (I'm in the office, I don't carry fruit around with me all the time)

  • umbrella

  • chewing gum

  • wallet

  • Sony Reader (lighter than carrying a library book)

  • Burt's Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer

  • eye drops because I was wearing my contacts the other day

  • MP3 player

  • Mac lipstick

  • a ring (why is that in there?)

  • A 59ml bottle of Hawaiian Tropic 45SPF (*always* have sunscreen with me)

  • 2 microfibre clothes for cleaning my glasses

  • business cards

  • expired bus transfers

  • a pen

  • an Ottawa Farmer's Market newsletter

  • bus tickets

  • a sweater (it gets cold in the office)

It's a pretty typical day. I seem to be unable to carry any less than this, which I guess helps explain why I worry about packing to go away on vacation. If this is what I carry every day can you imagine what I would pack for a week?

Fess up, what's in your bag?