Lee was golfing with a friend of ours yesterday and our friend asked if I got stressed out about travelling. Lee's response was that I tend to get "a bit frazzled." I object!

See, there are two things I loathe in life - being unprepared and being late. It's quite possible (and easily possible) to do both while travelling. Ok, ok there's also that whole control thing. At home I'm rather in control of my surroundings. Way less so when travelling.

Did you ever notice that your to-do list tends to snowball the closer you get to going on vacation? I have. I worry about what to pack. You see, I used to spend every other weekend with my father and once upon a time he didn't tell me that we'd be going to a wedding and to say I didn't have wedding appropriate clothes would be an understatement. So I chronically over-pack. We're going away for 8 days. That's a lot of over-packing. I packed a dress. That pretty much means I won't wear it.

And then aside from clothes there's all the other stuff we have to pack like my laptop and business cards and power cords and books and knitting  who knows what else. We haven't really nailed down what touristy stuff we're going to do so I'm pretty much prepping for everything.

Then there's the whole spending a LOT of hours in the car. Comfy clothes for the win. But there also needs to be things to amuse me. I'm big on amusement when in the car for long periods.

Then there's the cleaning out the fridge and packing the cooler. Hey, we're going to spend ALL day in the car tomorrow. I need snacks. And dammit I just realized we didn't go to the Bulk Barn. Our snack supply is limited.

Right now, at this moment, I'm mostly ready to go. I'm mostly packed. We're making pizza for dinner tonight so we'll have leftover pizza for breakfast while on the road (breakfast of champions). I'm not feeling frazzled. Not right now.

Ask me how I feel at 5am tomorrow morning and I might have a different answer.