Harry Potter And the Half Blood Prince: The Movie

*spoiler free* (I think)

So, we went to see Harry Potter last night and well, I'm a bit disappointed. A friend of mine had said the same thing after she saw and it and I understand why. There was a thing or two that made me go "WTH?!?!" Things were not very well explained and I'm not entirely sure that anyone who hasn't read the books really gets it. Lee, bless his little heart, has never read the books (he was surprised that several showings were sold out last night, *snort*. The poor boy is really quite clueless.). He found the middle of the film draggy and I get that. I also had to tell him (after the film of course) that it was really quite important that bit. There was so much in the books that was not explained or even in the movie. I realize there are time constraints and that the final five books would fall into a book bloggers "chunkster" category, which makes it difficult to adapt and keep all the important details, but it still irritates me.

I was initially irritated when I heard that they were breaking Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into two movies. In fact I think I just might have said something along the lines of calling the studio heads a "bunch of money-grubbing jerks." But after seeing Half Blood Prince all I can say is THANK GOODNESS. If that is what they did to HBP I can only imagine what would happen if they tried to make DH one movie. It would, quite simply, suck.

My biggest complaint about the film, and I don't believe this is a spoiler as it is not limited to this film, is how Ginny Weasley continues to be written. Ginny was one of my favourite characters in the book. She had sass (I am fond of sass as you may well have guessed) and strength and really is quite a talented witch in her own right. In the movies she's so FLAT. Her character has no depth. They write her as almost grumpy and sullen. That is not Ginny Weasley. I really don't blame the actor. She can only do so much with what's been written and what's been written for her is so minimal. Ginny is always there and runs to participate in the action but it doesn't seem like she actually does very much in the movies and it irritates me. A lot. I would extend this to Mrs. Weasley as well. And Tonks. In the movies Hermione and Mrs. McGonagall are really the two strongest female characters but even Mrs. McGonagall doesn't get her true due in the movies. And part of the reason that Hermione came through as stronger in the first few films is that they kept giving her Ron's lines (sigh, poor Ron). JK Rowling wrote pretty strong female characters. I really wish they came through more in the film.

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