Oh. My. Gods.

on my godsI was looking for something fun to read (I'm always looking for something fun to read) and someone mentions Tera Lynn Child's Oh. My. Gods. The descendants of Greek gods on a Greek island. Sounds fun and summery.

When Phoebe's mother returns from Greece she's happy. Really happy. When she tells Phoebe that she got married on vacation and that they are moving to Greece Phoebe is less than happy. She's just about to start her senior year. She has some major runs coming up and she wants to qualify for an athletic scholarship. It's really unfair that she needs to start over at a new school, half way around the world on a Greek island. Isn't it?

That's only the beginning. As she arrives on the island her mother and new step-father inform her that her new school, Plato's Academy, isn't a normal school. All of her fellow students are the descendants of Greek gods and have magical powers. Great. Not only is she a new student, but by their standards she really is a freak.

Oh. My. Gods. was a fun, albeit a wee bit predictable, read. Great for reading on a sunny day. You know, if you actually manage to find some sun. (What is up with all the clouds and rain this summer?) Good enough for me to have requested the sequel.