Harry, A History

harry a historyMelissa Anelli's Harry, A History languished on my library shelf for a couple of weeks. I renewed it, started reading it and then found I couldn't put it down. Then, largely because of it, I found myself writing blog posts about big summer book releases and spoilers on BlogHer.com. I love it when books make me think about things.

I was kind of late to the whole Harry Potter phenomena. I read the first four books in the series for the first time about a year before Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released. I had just finished my last full semester of university (I still had to take one summer course) and was looking for something fun to read. A coworker at the bookstore recommended the Harry Potter books so I headed up to the education library (the only library on campus that reliably had "fun" books and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was required reading for at least one class) and checked out the first one. Then the next two. And then I all but had a temper tantrum when I couldn't get my hands on the fourth one. The same coworker who told me to read them then loaned me his copy which I gulped down at the cottage over the weekend. Then like the rest of the world I sat down to wait.

Which is just abotu the time that things really started heating up in the Harry Potter fandom. I used to go to sites like SugarQuill and the Leaky Cauldron for the current Harry Potter news. So I've known who Melissa Anelli was for quite some time. She is one of the few people I think who could really have written a book about the Harry Potter fandom with credibility. As one of the most visible people on The Leaky Cauldron and someone who interviewed JK Rowling not once, but twice, she has Harry Potter street cred coming out her ears.

Once I started reading it I rather hated to put it down. Part memoir, part history I was fascinated. I find the whole Harry Potter phenomena fascinating. It was also educational. Among other things, I now know the beginnings of wizard rock.

It made me very, very sad that there's not another Harry Potter book waiting to be written. sigh.

A definite must read for Harry Potter fans.