Book Blogging Bankruptcy v2

It's the end of the month and I'm declaring book blogger bankruptcy again. Here are the books I read this month but haven't blogged about.

Vision in White (Bride Quartet Book 1) by Nora Roberts - my first Nora Roberts which is nothing short of a miracle because the woman publishes something practically every month. No, I'm not exaggerating. She has new publishables for every month of 2009 except January (and even then she had a reprint). Seriously, how does someone even produce that much? I understand why people like her though. She writes good characters and if I remember I'll probably read the other books in this series because I really liked the friendship that the four women had.

Bread Alone by Judith Ryan Hendricks - Hendricks was recommended to me and I have to say this was really good. I love books that incorporate food and recipes. I do wish that I had the time to write more fully about this but it's been too long and my brain is a wee bit fuzzy on the details. I read it in one afternoon while sitting in my sun-room and promptly added the sequel to my request list and it's now sitting on my library shelf. Warning: may cause serious craving for freshly baked bread.

Made From Scratch: discovering the pleasures of a handmade life by Jenna Woginrich - a book written by a blogger (Cold Antler Farm) that I read about on another blog. Interesting in the "I like to read about other people's lives" way but didn't want to make me run off the country, which surprised me because most books do make me want to run off the country. If you want to (or do) garden, make your own bread and raise chickens/bunnies/sheep you should probably read this book. Has an excellent "Resources" section.

In other June notes:

- I hit the 60 books read mark this month, which is pretty good for me. It's especially good when I think about how lackadaisical my reading has been for the last few months. The phrase "feast or famine" springs to mind.

- My library requests are so out of control that I've done something I have never done before - I've made all but those that were "in transit" inactive. I wanted to get caught up on what I current have checked out and also I'm trying to arrange it so that I don't have any books due back while I'm on vacation later this month.

- Speaking of library reading, I've been reading Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters on and off for a month now (thank you renewals). Excellent book, but not always an easy read and it's probably going to be a long blog post when I'm finished.

- Speaking of books taking a long time to read, yes I really am still reading The Weight of a Mustard Seed. I find that when I do read it I get pulled in but I've been reading it only in quick snatches, usually while waiting for the bus. It never seems to get to the point where when I'm pulled away I experience a pull that draws me back to it.

- The Once Upon A Time III Reading Challenge - I read a few books but didn't finish the challenge. My heart just wasn't in it this spring.