One Year And One Month

It was one year and one month ago that I moved to Ottawa.

As many of you know I've moved a lot in the last five years. Montreal to North York. North York to Toronto proper (near the Beaches). Toronto back to Montreal. Montreal to Ottawa.

But this was the first time that I moved because of someone else. After Lee and I got together we did discuss where to live. Montreal was a possibility but realistically, Ottawa was the better choice. Better job options, better taxes, no language police.

It wasn't without its issues though. Ottawa is Lee's city. He lived here most of his life. Went to university here. Everything was old hat to him, and more or less, he continued doing things "they way they've always been done."  Things continued to fairly normal for him while absolutely everything was different for me. Overall it hasn't been as big of a deal as it could have be (you know, the occasional blow-up aside).

A friend's mother once told me that she believes it takes three years to truly make a new city your home. Moving to a new city with someone who is from that city makes it both easier and more difficult. It's easier because I don't have to figure out the best routes to the grocery store or wonder where "x" is.  But sometimes it's harder because people assume you know where everything is because Lee does. Sometimes it's harder because I don't need to make as much effort to get to know the city.

I like Ottawa. I do. I'm not in love with it the way I instantly fell in love with Montreal (which honestly did wane as the years went on). I didn't feel the same rush of excitement moving here that I did when I moved to Toronto. I'm older and more cautious now.

Ottawa moves at a slower pace and my settling in is slower. This city and I are getting to know each other carefully. We haven't fully decided what we think of each other yet. I don't feel like I've put down real roots in the city yet. I've planted seeds but they haven't quite sprouted.