Missing You, 1-800-WHERE-R-You book 5

missing youFinally, Missing You, the last of Meg Cabot's 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series. The series that was supposed to take me a week to blog about and has taken at least twice that because sometimes I suck. Meh. C'est la vie.

Missing You was published several years after the rest of the books due to changes with Cabot's editor and publisher and just plain old life. It was originally supposed to be an eight book series that got shorted to four and this book was offered up after people begged for it. I don't blame them. The end of Sanctuary left a whole lot of things unresolved. Rather than pick up where that one left off this one flashes forward by several years. And for Jess there were some humdingers.

Not only did Jess end up working with the FBI but she got pulled into the war effort. She was helping the military find people (on both sides I believe) but when that wasn't working (they weren't doing such a great job with her directions) she ended up going over there herself. Yes, to a war zone. By the end of her stint overseas Jess was more than drained. She really did lose her powers. The FBI tried everything to help her included sending her to chill out a resort for awhile. Nothing helped. After years of telling everyone she had lost her powers she really was no longer Lightning Girl. Instead she was living a normal life attending Julliard and living in a tiny New York City apartment with her best friend Ruth. As for Rob...well...things didn't really turn out the way she (or the rest of us) had hoped. Or so she thought until one day he knocks on her door and asks for her help finding his little sister.

A very good follow up book.  A solid end to the series. I do wonder how the series would have ended it had run the original eight books. It would have been nice to see Jess actually work with the FBI. Did I love everything about the way things ended up? No, but I can except them. Mostly. (*coughpatriarchycough*) I particularly like how things worked out for Doug. Doug was in need of a happy ending too.

A good series. Perhaps one of Cabot's best. And that's it! No more Cabot for a long time...well...unless I decide to pick the Mediator series back up again.