Sanctuary, 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU Book 4

sanctuarySanctuary is the fourth book in the Meg Cabot/Jenny Carroll 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series. I've decided that while it was awesome to read them all together it's far less awesome to write about them one after the other. Oh look, it's Jess again saying that she doesn't have her power when she does have her power, while sticking kicking butt and being awesome.

Jess's tiny little town gets its first black family, who happens to move in across the street from Jess's family. When the father, a doctor, knocks on their door on Thanksgiving asking if anyone has seen his son she doesn't think much of it. But then when she's driving home from Rob's that night and sees a field full of cops she knows that something is wrong. Then she identifies the body and sees a mysterious symbol.

The next day she's at the mall with Ruth and discovers that a boy from her synagogue has gone missing. Jess knows where he is but the police aren't able to rescue him so Jess turns to the people she can trust - Grits - to rescue him from the "True Americans". Of course, as usual, the FBI is sniffing around her asking her to join them.

Good fourth installment. This is the book where the series ended for a long time (publisher/editor switches put an early end to the series which was supposed to be eight books) and I understand why fans of the series kept bugging Cabot for another book. There were a whole lot of things unresolved at the end of this. Jess's story was not finished.