The number one rule in our house

So, at some point about a year ago I started taking daily allergy pills. I think it was when we were moving and there was dust everywhere and I was the crankiest person you ever met because dust! sneeze! misery! Somehow I never really got around to going off of them.

Well, ok. I tried in October. By the third day I was ready to kill something and gouge out my own itchy eyes so I went back on them. And now I'm trying to go off of them again. It's the second day and I feel Miserable. I'm starring in my own very sneezy red-eyed version of Les Mis.

I've been told that the first two weeks will suck. A lot. I've been told after that it gets much, much better. And that's what I keep telling myself. It will get better. In the meantime it feels like someone's used brillo pads on my eyes. My sinuses are threatening to burst out of my forehead. And Lee woke me up from a nap.

The number one rule in our house is, "You do not wake Karen up from a nap." Lee created this rule after he made the mistake of waking me up from a nap once shortly after we started living together and I burst into tears. I do not nap well. I only nap when I'm really tired or sick and when I nap the average nap time is three hours. At 2pm I send him and email that said I was going to nap. At 4pm he called and while I didn't answer I couldn't get back to sleep. So at 4:20 I called him back to ask him why the hell he woke me up. He did not have a good excuse. Which means that for the next few days (weeks, whatever) anytime he says something it will be greeted with, "You woke me up from a nap."