Safe House, 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU book 3

safe houseSo much for this being Meg Cabot week. It would have helped if I had actually posted more this week. Sigh. I'm such a slacker.

Safe House is the third book the in 1-800-WHERE-R-You series. In this one Jess gets back from summer camp right before school starts which is why she doesn't find out until the first day of classes that a cheerleader is dead.

And that everyone at school is mad a her for not saving her. Even though Jess wasn't there. And as far as they are all concerned she doesn't have her powers anymore. They think she does though, because everyone's favourite Karen Sue told them. (I my life I've never known a Karen to go by two names, I say that as one). So when a second cheerleader goes missing Jess is on the case. With a little help from Rob of course.

Solid third book (no third book curse here). Again, fast paced and spreads out only over a couple of days.  I do have to say that I'm not very fond of Ruth. For some reason Cabot tends to write best friends that I'm not very fond of.