Do you ever do that thing where you write a post and then you think, "I'm going to write about X next?" And then X comes along and then you don't write about it and then it becomes this thing because you haven't written about it yet and OMG you have to write about it before you write about anything else but instead of writing about it you don't write about anything at all?

Hi! Welcome to my life for the last oh, five to six weeks.

Really. I mean to write. I did. But I was going to write about this thing you see. And then it didn't get written. I kept thinking that I'd write about it and then I didn't and well, just blah.

But I will say this. I just went to the Ottawa Women Bloggers meet up and spent a lot of time talking about mommyblogs. But now my ovaries hurt. Mommybloggers I love you. My ovaries? Not so much. You scare them.