Elizabeth And Her German Garden

elizabeth's german gardenI was writing a post about books about gardens (though not ones about gardens) a few weeks ago and I was reminded of Elizabeth Von Arnim's Elizabeth and Her German Garden. So I added to my library list and the next thing I knew it was waiting for me.

What I did not realize when I requested it was that the library copy is what once could pretty much consider large print. (Note: not the same cover as the one pictures. I couldn't find a picture of the right one). Now, I don't have a problem reading large print, most of the time. But the book was oddly shaped. It was wider than normal which made it hard to hold, especially when the reader has particularly cranky wrists as of late. (#$@%ing tendonitis!)

I tried really hard to get whisked away in her writing but between the achey wrists and her long paragraphs that would have been find in a regular font took up pages of text in this volume, it was by times tedious. That's unfair because Von Arnim writes beautifully. Even under the less than perfect circumstances I had to stop and share this little quote on tulips with all of you.

It's beautifully written and anyone who likes gardens and unconventiional women I think will enjoy it. I'll be grabbing her Solitary Summer off of manybooks.net someday to read on the Sony Reader.