Briar Rose

briar rose(I'm starting to feel like this week was sponsored by the letter " alt="" />Briar Rose was wow, just wow. It's a very good reminder that we should all take a step back from the recently published books and revisit those that have been on our lists for ages but we never seem to get around to reading. For example, if you haven't read this book I do recommend trying it.

Rebecca grew up listening to her grandmother Gemma's version of Briar Rose. This tale of sleeping beauty was a bit different than the Disney version most children were used to (and Rebecca did not take well to her guests pointing that out). As the years wore on and her grandmother aged Gemma began to insist that she was the princess, that it was her story. While everyone else took it for dementia after her death Rebecca decided to find out what Gemma's story was. Armed with only a fairy tale and a box with a few photographs she starts out on a journey that will take her from home to one of the least well know death camps of the Holocaust.

Why oh why I wait so long to read this? It was a gripping read. Of course Sleeping Beauty is possibly my most favourite fairy tale so I may be biased. Rebecca was a great main character. The other characters were good, even the sisters who were rather loathsome but well, it is a fairy tale so a couple of evil sisters is rather fitting). One part retelling, one part history, all parts good.

(This was the last book that I read for the 24 hour readathon - it was only a week later that I realized all the books I had read started with "B".)