Not Done Yet

not done yetLaurie Kingston is <i>Not Done Yet</i>. I can say this with the utmost authority because I know her. I got to know Laurie a few years ago through BlogHer. She started showing up on posts that I was also commenting on (or writing) and we discovered we were both from Canada, both read books, and both knitted (her much more so than me - in fact the cover of this book is her own knitting). We read and comment on each other's blogs. Now we live in the same city and are able to get together every couple of months.</p> <p>I had been eagerly waiting for her book to come out. Our first outing post-publication was delayed but a couple of weeks ago we managed to get together for our usual - an afternoon of knitting and drinking pints at a pub. When she pulled it out of her bag and handed it to me my first thought was that it had a great cover. Not just the image but the feel of it as well. It was soft and know how some books just feel good in your hands? This is one of those books.</p> <p>The contents of the book are a collection of writing from her blog, <a href=" alt="" />Not Just About Cancer. It's a very apt title - neither she, her blog nor her book are just about cancer. Ok, the book is a lot about cancer. It is, after all, her story of what happens when an otherwise healthy 38 year old woman who is in the best shape of her life finds out she has breast cancer. It covers the chemo and the hair loss. It covers the recovery process. It covers what happens when you find out that the cancer is back and that you'll never not have cancer again.

Laurie writes about life. There are times when the book will make you laugh, and other times where you'll want to kick someone in the shins on her behalf. There are moments, both good and bad, that take your breathe away. Laurie shares the tough stuff but she also shares the soft side of her life, like the song by Daniel on May 8, 2007 that starts, "I love my mama and she is so beautiful."

I read Laurie's book the same day she gave it to me. Parts of it, those at the very beginning where new to me. I can't pinpoint exactly when I started reading her blog but I know it was before her November 27, 2006 post, "Metastatic."  I remember reading that post and feeling like I had been kicked in the gut. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the last month had been for her.

I've learned so much from Laurie, both from her blog and from reading her book. I have a hard time putting it in words but the best I can sum it up is this - she's taught me more about living life with grace than I ever could have hoped to learn. Life isn't about the big stuff. Life is lived in the in-between moments. It's the walk to the library on chilly fall morning, the skate on the canal in the winter. It's cooking dinner. It's afternoonns with friends. It's pints and knitting and books.

The Ottawa launch for Laurie's book is this Thursday May 7, 7-9pm at the First Avenue Day Care, 73 First Avenue. There will also be a Toronto launch on June 11 at the Toronto Women's Book Store.