Forever in Blue

I know, I know. I waited a long time to read Anne Brashare's Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood. Truth be told, I listened to it on audio, which probably wouldn't have worked if I wasn't already familiar with the characters due to the number of characters and voices. (I tried Three Willows on audio and just couldn't follow well enough, I kept getting the girls confused.)

Now I realize it's been a long time since I read Girls in Pants (as in I read it in 2005) so my memory of events is fuzzy but...

Carmen - What the hell happened to Carmen? Who was that doormat? I mean, we saw some fiesty Carmen (thank goodness) but mostly I just didn't recognize her and it made me sad.

Bridget - sigh. Oh Bridget. Well, I have to say that I approve of her going to dig in the dirt but seriously girl, stay away from the married prof. Go have a fling with a grad student if you must have a fling, mkay?

Tibby - I love Tibby. I do. She's flawed and knows it and I love her for it. (I'm still not sure about Brian, even after all of this.)

Lena - oh god. I'm so sick of Kostas. I mean, seriously? Seriously? Lena, just. say. no. I do quite love Lena the artist though. (But seriously, Kostas? No. Just no.)

End of story at the end of the story - I love Tibby, I'm concerned about Carmen, I think Bridget is growing up and Lena needs Kostas rehab and possibly some brain rewiring.