Things I've heard in the last week (and some answers)

Congratulations! When's the wedding?
Um, we're married.

When did you get engaged?
We kinda skipped that step. We're rebels like that.

Was this planned?
Depends on your definition of "planned". We knew we were going to get married but not really when. We also knew that when we did it we'd run away to City Hall and not tell anyone.  We only decided on March 23 to do it on April 1.

Why April Fool's Day?
Seriously, would you forget your anniversary if you got married on April Fool's Day? I must confess a part of me kind of wishes we had held out for Halloween.

Is this a joke?

Who knew?
No one, except our witnesses, the people at city hall and the jeweler.

What about your parents?
No. We didn't tell anyone.

Didn't your parents freak out? Were they mad?
Heck no! You never saw people more thrilled that they didn't have put on fancy clothes and pose for pictures. Thrilled! My mother has only been telling me to elope for at least ten years and she adores Lee.

Really, you didn't tell anyone?
Sheesh. No. One. Nada. (Well except the witnesses, city hall folks and jeweler.)

Pretty ring!
Thanks. I'll be sure to tell the person who owns it since it's not mine. It's on loan from a friend until mine come in (sometime in the next four weeks or so and they don't look anything like this one).

Pretty dress!
Thanks. It was super comfy and it even had pockets! I didn't even know that Nine West made dresses.

When's the big party?

Where are you registered?
We're not.

Why didn't you have a wedding?
A bunch of reasons. I've been in the wedding party of six weddings. I've seen all the crazy. I've seen how bloody much it costs. No interest whatsoever. I'm not fond of weddings and neither is Lee (that is not to say we're not thrilled for our friends who want them and have them, we are). Practically speaking, a wedding didn't make sense. Pretty much all of Lee's friends and family are in Ottawa. Mine really aren't. All my family is in PEI and my friends are scattered around PEI, Montreal, Toronto, a couple out west, the US. We didn't want to make anyone travel to a wedding that we didn't even want. It would be ludicrous. Also, the amount of money that we'd spend on a wedding we'd rather put towards a house (we're sometimes excessively practical).

But at City Hall you can still have guests right?
At Ottawa City Hall the marriage room accommodates ten people, including the couple getting married, the person performing the ceremony and the witnesses. Sure that leaves five people. If we told Lee's parents my mother still wouldn't be there. And how do you decide which friends you tell and which you don't without seriously putting someone out? You don't. So you do it quietly and tell no one. If we had told people it would have been too much like a "wedding" and we really didn't want that. We did it the way we wanted it and make absolutely no apologies to anyone for how we did it. None.

Was anyone upset?
Well, Denise did say that I was trying to kill her. Heh. Patriarchy! (I did offer to let the black dog try to eat Lee but apparently he's old now and probably no longer up to the task.)

Are you changing your name?
You really don't know me do you? No.

Are you pregnant?
Hell no. (And yes, I'm sure.)

Did you do anything after?
We went out for a drink and dessert with our witnesses. Then home to make calls. Then out for dinner. Then home to write emails.

Are you going on a honeymoon?
We might go on a trip next winter. We're running away to Toronto this weekend (something we've been debating on and off for two months) and going to Chicago in the summer (but since that's for BlogHer it doesn't really count).

Did I miss anything?