After reading Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume, a collection of essays written by young adult and adult fiction writers and editing by Jennifer O'Connell, I realized that I really needed to reread a lot of her books. While some of her books stick out fairly well in my memory others are all blurred together. Scenes I thought were in one book were actually in other books. It was a startling and confusing realization. So I was thrilled when I picked up this copy of Blubber in a thrift store a few weeks ago and the 24 Reading Challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to read it. (I was also thrilled that it's the same cover I remember reading when I was in school.)

What surprised me when rereading Blubber was just how mean they were. Poor Linda. I guess I found it...interesting I guess how early the "mean girl" thing starts. Sure the movie made us conscious about it in a high school frame but sometimes we (or at least I) forget how the later years of elementary school can be just as hard. (Perhaps a convenient lapse of memory on my end since when I think about it sixth grade and eighth grades were probably far worse than high school for me.)

Blubber wasn't exactly as I remembered it. What book is it where the character is allergic to bees and carries around pills in a locket? Was that even a Judy Blume book?