Today I told my to do list to #suckit

I did indeed.

My to do list for today is fairly lengthy. We are having someone over for dinner and while dinner itself is a pretty easy prospect there was cleaning to do. Part of the cleaning was the usual extinguishing of dust bunnies (and in some cases dust jackalopes) but there were also things that we were waiting for warm weather to do. Things like wash the living room drapes and windows and screens. Things like clean the sunroom.

I had a post for BlogHer to write. I had dinner prep. We had errands that we had to run.

But for a little more than an hour we said screw it. The to do list can #suckit. It's a beautiful day after a long cold winter. The sun was shining. The breeze was warm. And we have oodles of green space and walking trails near to us.

For a bit more than an hour we put the to do list on hold. We went for a walk outside, admired the tulips, stopped in at a craft/bake sale. We took advantage of a warm sunny day the way that only people who have been cooped up inside for the winter can.

We'll still get everything that was important done. Those things that weren't important? Well, those we can just shove under the couch. They can keep the dust bunnies company.