What's for Dinner Wednesday v. 4

And yet again not on a Wednesday. Meh. Such is life.

This could also be the called the "sometimes I suck at meal planning" edition. To say that we have not been doing a good job at this lately would be an understatement. It would also be why the other night we had potato chips as a main course with a Kit-Kat for dessert. (Well, partially. We totally could have had pasta but opted instead for potato chips. Don't judge. You know you either do it or want to do it sometimes too.) When we plan our meals we eat like kings. When we don't we eat like slugs.

But this is also the "sometimes I suck at meal planning" edition because there are aspects of meal planning I find difficult. In particular, ones in which someone (or multiple someones) are in attendance aside from Lee and myself.  Among other things, when people are over there's the whole dessert thing. We don't generally do dessert, except the odd time when I feel compelled to make something or make Lee make something.

We're having someone over on Saturday and the regular meal was easy, as it more than often is. We're doing a salad (possibly with this Italian Dressing recipe) because I like salad. Our friend requested BBQ and we don't have a BBQ we do that the Griddler so we're doing bison burgers (made from local bison) with yummy toppings (I see myself caramelizing onions on Saturday and hauling out the last bottle of mom's homemade relish). And we're doing our usual side of sweet potato oven fries because they are easy, yummy and I know exactly how long it takes.

But it still brings us back to dessert. Sure, we could tell our friend to bring dessert but we're picky dessert people. I'm not much of a dessert person in general and I'm not crazy about chocolate. Lee is not crazy about lemon (although he's coming around), coconut or cheesecake. Really, at that point it's just easier to make dessert.

I can't decide what to make. I can't decide if I have too many options (pie? cake? tart? sundaes since it's going to be warm?) or I just don't have enough. We're not quite into rhubard season but I'm tired of apple desserts. I'm not sure that I feel like fussing with frosting and I'm thinking it will be too warm on Saturday for a hot sauce to pour over a cake.

I'm indecisive about the dessert. The rest came easy but dessert is always the part of the meal that kills me.

What do you make for dessert when company's coming?