The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square

the pajama girls of lambert squareI’m supposed to be working on something else but it’s not ready to write itself so I’m going to let it marinate. I finished reading Rosina Lippi’s The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square. People who have read it seem to fall into two camps, those that loved it and those that wanted to leave it. I kind of fall in the middle.

I found Pajama Girls almost oddly compelling. At times while reading it I felt frustrated because I felt like the book was jumping from section to section a bit too quickly. I felt like I was just getting snatches of the story. At the same time it worked - it was similar to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the center.

I get why people love it. I get why people hate it. I couldn't stop reading it, and yet I don't know that I would recommend it.

Minuses: I felt like there were almost too many characters and I occasionally got some of them confused. Dodge's dad felt a bit...stereotypical, as did many of the other minor characters.

Pluses: The dogs. I loved Bean (honestly, love her). Dodge's relationship with his sister. Dodge's grandma. The pajamas.

Something I was curious about: do you think the ladies that worked at The Cocoon wore pajamas to and from work or only changed once they got there?