Curious Reader's Mini-Challenge

I love libraries. And I need a mini-break.

1. What is the name of your local library? What city is it located in?
My local library is the Rosemont branc in the City of Ottawa.

2. How often do you go to the library? If you're a regular, do the staff know you?
I'm there at least once a week. I'm still relatively new to the library though, haven't been going there quite a year. I don't believe they know my name but they know me well enough to comment on when I go in alone since Lee is usually with me. It's not quite the same relationship I had with my librarian in Toronto, but we're getting there.

3. Do you browse while you're there or just pick up items you have placed on reserve?
I mostly just pick up items I have on reserve because I reserve a lot. But I usually can't resist stopping to look at the express shelves. The hold shelves are located right by the cookbooks so more often than not one or two of those end up making their way home with us.

4. What is your favorite thing about your local library?
That's it's close. I can walk to it if I need to (or want to). I also love that it's a Carnegie Library.