24 Hour Read-A-Thon

Better late than never (errands took a lot longer than we thought they would this morning and it's totally not our fault that we had to go to three freaking stores before finding a ham for dinner tonight).

Ok, starting to read at 1:05 PM. (Yikes, that is LATE).

2pm: Finished Blubber by Jude Blume (153pp).

3:40pm: 102 pages into Ballet Shoes. How did I never read this when I was young?

5pm: Still reading Ballet Shoes. Not because it is so long, but because I keep getting distracted by shiny objects. And I need to start prepping food. And such things.

6pm: Finished Ballet Shoes. Not sure what I'm going to start next. Will need to break for dinner soon.

9pm: Finished Briar Rose. Not sure what to read next but I'm starting to get a headache.