White Heat

white heatWhite Heat by Jill Shalvis is proof that I do like firefighter romances (I just don't like it when they pretend to be hockey player romances).

Lyndie is a pilot, raised by her military grandfather, and pretty much as tough as nails as you can get. She doesn't put down roots, she doesn't let people in and she's only at home in the sky. Or so she likes to think. Griffin used to have lots of roots until he became the only survivor of his firefighting crew. He's turned away from his entire family and all his friends. More than turned away, he's hiding from them. Then his little brother finds him and signs him up to volunteer to fight a fire in a tiny town called San Puebla in Northern Mexico. The town is so remote the only way to get to it is by air...three guesses who his pilot is. And if you also guess that sparks won't just be flying from the fire you'd be right.

Loved Griffin. His character was complex, great depth and you kind of can't help but like him. Lyndie...also complex, probably not quite so likable. I'm not sure the Lyndie of the last few pages really jived with the Lyndie earlier in the book for me, but I was willing to accept it. Great secondary characters too.

You know how there are romance authors who write really good sex scenes but you don't really care about the rest of the story? That is not Shalvis. And then there are authors who can write good characters but write horrible sex scene but can't write a good sex scene to save their life? That's not Shalvis either. She can combine good characters with good sex scenes. She simply writes a darned good contemporary romance novel. If you like this genre at all and you haven't read one of her books you really must go on that right away.