Total Rush

total rushI would have enjoyed Deirdre Martin's Total Rush so much more if it hadn't been a New York Blades book.

Odd, I realize but stick with me.

Total Rush focuses on Gemma, the cousin of New York Blades' Mikey D, who was one half of the couple being paired up in the second novel of the series, Fair Play. I *like* Gemma. She's a bit of a free spirit. She's an outcast to much of her Italian Catholic family because she's Wiccan. She's fun, she's sweet and you practically yearn for something good to happen to her. Sean Kennealy, the NY firefighter that is the love interest in this one is fine too. Ok, to be absolutely honest I thought he was a bit of an ass but since that's not uncommon in romance novels I'm willing to forgive it.

But his character is what annoys me about this book.  You see, I was so intrigued by the New York Blades series because it was about hockey players. I loved the idea of that. Not cowboys. Not doctors. Not "insert popular profession" here. I don't have anything against firefighter romance novels (and the next romance novel I write about is actually going to be a firefighter romance novel), but I want my firefighter romances not fly under the guise of hockey player romance novel.

I know. I'm so difficult to please. sigh

It's a good contemporary romance, really,  just sadly (for me) not about hockey players.