When is the moment?

When do we change? When did we stop being the person we were and become the person we are? Or maybe the question is when is it that we stopped being the person we thought we always wanted to be and became the person we are? When is it that we stop trying to live the life that we thought we wanted and live the life that we enjoy?

My life, as it stands right now, it not what I thought it would be. The life that Lee and I working towards is not what I thought it would be either. In some ways it is eerily similar to the life I left behind when I left home and thought that I didn't want.

I wanted big cities. Condos. Cafes. Hanging out a bar where they knew my name.

Now I want trees, gardens, sun-filled rooms, farmer's markets. If I go to a pub it's usually either to knit or to eat.

Then I went to concerts, stayed out until 3 and slept until noon. Now I got to the ballet, trying not to fall asleep during the second half, and 8:30am is sleeping in.

I like this life so much more. I like the slowness, the richness of it.

It's not at all what I thought it would look life. But it's mine and I love it.