We ate a lot. The end.

Ok, maybe that's not all we did in Toronto, but it's mostly what we did in Toronto.

Before we ran away for Easter weekend (after two months of waffling back and forth over whether or not we were going to go) many people asked us what we were going to do in Toronto. My answer was always, "Eat. See the mommies. Eat some more."

They thought I was joking. I wasn't.

We had:

Vegetarian Indian Buffet at Siddhartha Pure Vegetarian along the Gerrard India Bazaar (not be confused with the Siddhartha up the street that has meat dishes).  Lee gave it two thumbs up, no small feat as he's been complaining about how since he worked in India for several months he can't find good Indian food in Canada. (I seriously need to start experimenting with paneer makhani recipes.)
Kashmiri tea (verdict? We prefer our tea without chunky things in it.)
Veal Sandwich from the St. Lawrence Market (Karen)
Beef Gyro from the St. Lawrence Market (Lee)
Selection of items from the Whole Foods prepared food bar.
Dinner at La Palette  - Karen: escargots in mushroom caps, bison rib eye with garlic mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables, limoncello creme brulee. Lee: bbq wild boar ribs, quack and track with roasted fingering potatoes and assorted vegetables, flourless chocolate cake.
Waffles from Richtree for breakfast (strawberry for Karen, banana for Lee).

It doesn't *sound* like that much I guess. It certainly felt like we ate a heck of a lot.