Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star

I really didn't mean to sit down and finish reading Brandon Mull's second book the the Fablehaven series, Rise of the Evening Star. Really. I didn't. I only meant to read a chapter or two while I was eating lunch. I probably should have know something was up when I started reading the second chapter on the bus and discovered that I had totally zoned out right before my stop (much better than right after my stop).

First let me say that I'm very happy to report that I did not want to kill Seth or remove my ovaries while reading this book. That's progress! That's not to say that Seth still wasn't annoying. He was, but he also realized he was and bemoaned that he was always making the wrong decisions. Good job.I guess he really did grow up in that year.

It turns out that Kendra got more than just kisses from the fairies. She's now so some special magical powers of her own. Unfortunately it seems that we barely scratched the surface of her powers. It wouldn't be such a bad thing but due to the book description I was kind of expecting more.

I cannot decide if I'm really unhappy that my library doesn't have any of these books or not. I do want to read the third one but I'm also concerned. I don't know if I like where I suspect the series is going thanks to the last chapter in this one. If it's going where I think it's going it's rather cliched and *yawn*. But with any luck I'm wrong. I hope I am. I hate it when the story gets too obvious.