Go Jump In The Pool

Go Jump in the Pool by Gordan Korman is the second Bruno and Boots book. I'll try not to rush about Korman again.

It's the first swimming meet of the year and already MacDonald Hall is getting its butt kicked by York Academy, their main rival and overall turkeys. Part of the reason MH is getting its butt kicked is because York has a pool and they don't. It's just not in the budget. But Bruno hatches a fundraising plan to get MacDonald Hall a pool after finding out several of his friend's parents are considering transferring them, including Boots' parents. He can't let Boots become a turkey! Of course Miss Scrimmage's has to get in on the action. Hijinks ensue.

It was laugh out loud funny. The jingles? They slayed me. As did, "Hello. My name is Jack." And the owl. And the shotgun. And...well, you get the point.