What's For Dinner Wednesday v. 3

Hey look, I'm actually doing What's For Dinner Wednesday on a Wednesday. Shocking.

This is the pantry edition. In order to this I must tell you a story. Ok, so I don't have to but I will anyway.

Last April Lee and I were apartment searching. It was suprisingly difficult to find the kind of apartment we wanted. We ideally did not want to live in a large apartment building. I was living in a fabulous one in Montreal with doormen and a fabulous super and building admin (but slightly crazy neighbours) and I loved my apartment (I miss my green bathroom, sigh). I loved the neighbourhood. And even though I liked to bitch about the walking up the hill it was quite good exercise. But there's a difference between living in a big ole building in downtown Montreal and living in a big ole building in not downtown Ottawa.

After looking at a place with the narrowest and steepest stairs I've ever seen (I don't think my bed would have make it into the place, or our sofa) we were driving down the street and saw a sign on the lawn at the place we now live. We fell in love with the place. The guy gave us the keys the next day even though we weren't moving in for 6 weeks.

Sitting in one corner of our kitchen was a dishwasher. It was one of those portable types on wheels. Me? I love dishwashers. Lee? Hates them. So we got rid of the dishwasher on the condition that he did all the dishes. And so it is. In that location we put in a pantry. Lately every time we try to take something out of that pantry we usually end up dropping something on our toes.

Thus began the clear out the pantry/fridge/freezer challenge.

For the last week we've been trying to clear out as much as possible. Some things, as always are easier than others. As far as I'm concerned our pasta reserves are dangerously low, but then I'm generally not happy unless I have close to an entire shelf of pasta at the ready. (Mmmm carbs)

We made pasta with artichoke hearts and white beans (not a success). I made bolognese sauce which got rid of a few cans of tomatoes (success). Last night it was chicken and veg with a peanut sauce on top of rotini.

That was almost a complete disaster. The first peanut sauce I made? It was the most vile smelling thing ever. I have no idea how those ingredients combined together created such a vile smell. It made us gag. Thankfully I had made the sauce before I started the rest of the meal and was able to whip up more a tried and true recipe that's more of a satay sauce than what I wanted but hey it worked. (Lee got the honours of disposing of the vile stuff...I could smell from the next room. Yuck x infinity.)

If anyone has a really good peanut sauce recipe now is the time to speak up.

We still have more to get through. Like 5 tetrapacks of chicken stock (it was on sale I have no idea what to do with it all since I'm not really making a lot of soup). A roast of some sort, which I kind of meant to take out of of the freezer yesterday and forgot). Another can of artichokes (I'm thinking dip). More condiments than you can shake a stick at. (In terms of mustard alone we have regular French's and then dijon, honey dijon, grainy and maple.)

Anyone have any good pantry clearing ideas?