Fair Play

Fair Play is the second book in Deirdre Martin's New York Blade series. You remember, that romance series about the fictional pro-hockey team. (I really can't tell you how much I'm loving the premise). This time the focus is on Jenna's former roommate Theresa Falconetti and Blade's player Micheal Dante (or Mikey D as his fans like to call him).

I didn't enjoy this as much as Body Check. I think it's because Theresa is just too... Well... You see she one of those "THE ONE" characters who thinks that every guy she meets is The One and promptly imagines herself walking down the aisle in some lavish wedding.

I am not a wedding person. Lavish or not.

And Michael Dante, there was something about his personality that just drove me that was a weird turn off. I'm sorry but if some guy was making a play for me and started turning up at my family's Sunday dinner I would be HELL NO'ing all over the place. I wouldn't care if he was also a client. Or if my brother/mother/whoever had invited them. I mean once maybe but repeatedly? Um, no.

I think that both Michael and Theresa just unfortunately happened to have characteristics that annoyed me. Not much to do about it.

I did like Michael's family though. His older reluctant to change and amazing chef Antony. His new age cousin Gemma (who is the focus of the third book). Yes, I wholeheartedly liked them.

I'll still be giving the rest of the series a shot...well as many of the books as my library has anyway.