Fablehaven Book 1

When she came to visit me months ago Kit-Cat brought me a pile of books that I've been very, very negligent about reading. I just finished Brandon Mull's Fablehaven and I'm trying to piece together what I thought of it, you know without giving anything away. And that, my friends, is hard.

I have to say, and I hate to say it, but I may not have been able to make it through had I not been able to email Kit-Cat part way through and express my enormous dislike for Seth. Seth is one of those children that you really hope only exists in novels because if they exist in real life you might just try to remove your own ovaries. With a rusty spoon. Without any anesthesia. I get that Seth needed to cause trouble in order to move the story forward (well, I suppose I get it anyway) but man was that kid ever obnoxious. (Cat has assured me he improves in the second one...a bit.)

I also found that while Kendra is the main character she was frequently overshadowed by Seth early on in the book. Well, the first half at least. And again while I get it (mostly) as a part of the need to move the story forward it was irritating.

As for Kendra, I spent most of the book wanting to like more her more than I actually did like her. She seemed rather too cautious and careful. In many ways she's the exact opposite of Seth. She had her moments, like with the keys. She's a smart cookie. I felt that her smarts were often in the shadow of fear. She lacked determination. Of course she makes up for in the end with one huge helping of determination and spunk and you can't help but like her.

In short - liked the story, liked Kendra, Seth...Seth is an absolute nightmare.