Stuck and Stumbling

I keep getting stuck.

I want to finish books. I really do. I have no less than four or five books on the go this very moment. Unfortunately I've had many of those books on the go for far too long.

You see, I do great if I can I pick up a book and read it all the way through. With some books this is no problem whatsoever. The only book that I've actually finished reading lately is another one of the New York Blades series that I was able to pick up and read through in about two hours the other day. Great. Fantastic.

But all these other books around me are GOOD books. The second I put them down though, it's like they develop some sort of anti-Sassymonkey force field. I can see them, I can even pick them up and move them from one location to another but if I pick them up to actually read them? It's not going to happen. Something will come up to take me away from them - sometimes it's something real (like the phone or dinner or a deadline) and other times is it merely a SHINY. Clearly a very shiny of SHINY's too lure me away from books. Or maybe my attentions span is about as long as a goldfish's memory and that plastic castle is still a surprise every time lately.

"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Oh look! A plastic castle! What a surprise! Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Oh look! A plastic castle! What a surprise! Just keep swimming...."

(Why yes I did just combine Finding Nemo and Ani DiFranco references. Why do you ask?)

May it's the weather. Things are warming up and I'm antsy as all get out. No really. A couple of weeks ago I found myself cleaning baseboards at 9pm on a Sunday. There was no reason why except that if I didn't do them right at that moment the world was going to explode. Boom! The end!

I know that being stuck and stumbling over (good) books just happens. I know that I'll likely bust out of this by devouring three or six books in quick succession. I know this. Really, I do. Doens't mean that it's not disgustingly annoying at the moment.

In the mean time, books literally are piling up around me and I soon will literally stumble over them. I should probably start wearing shoes to protect my toes.