On A Scale of 1 to 10

With 1 being I've totally consider that too and 10 being you are completely freaking out of your mind...

How bad is it that I considering reading one book while simultaneously listening to an audiobook?

This is the thing, I like audiobooks. However they are just like other books in that once I really get going in them I really do not want to stop. Sure, I start out listening to them when I'm walking to or from work but I really hate stopping them even though I can put a bookmark in them the same way I can an actual book. There's something utterly unsatisfying about it though. I just want to keep going.

I can't just sit there and do nothing while I listen. I need to be walking or moving about. Cleaning even. They are fantastic on the rare days at work I have to do some data entry (because let's be honest, without something to keep my brain happy when doing data entry I'd be banging my head against my desk within twenty minutes).

Right now I'm in a slight unusual situation because my wrist is a very unhappy camper. I can't  knit, I can't bake bread, I can barely even hold things in my left hand. Don't ask me what I did to it because I don't know but the doctor said it was tendinitis. Even holding a book, because I do tend to hold books in my left hand, is frequently uncomfortable. Heck, picking up and holding a can of soup with one hand hurts.

I'm limited by what I can do. I'll play computer games. I'll putter. I'll do sudoku puzzles and word searches. But the other day I was really at my limit and I gave serious consideration to reading WHILE listening to an audiobook.

It's not that bad....right?