Here She Is Ms. Teeny-Wonderful

Oh how happy I was when I was trolling a local charity shop and I found a copy Martyn Godfrey's Here She Is, Ms. Teeny-Wonderful. Most of you have probably never heard of it because it's a. Canadian and b. from the 1980s and c. even one of my best friend's whom I've know since I was six doesn't remember it. I had thought it was something that was read aloud in class but it's possible that I'm utterly full of it since she doesn't remember and we had the same teachers every year until seventh grade.

I was really worried when I started to reread it. You know how it is when you rediscover books that you read as a kid, sometimes they just don't stand the test of time well. This one, with a few minor details that dated it, DID.

Carol Weatherspoon is not a girly-girl. She doesn't wear dresses. Her best friend is a guy. She lives on her bike. And her dream is to become a "six-canner". You see, her and many of the kids in her town, including her best friend Wally, build ramps and jump over garbage cans that have been laid on their side. If you jump over one you are a one-canner. She, by her own admission, is not someone you'd nominate for a junior beauty/talent pagent and yet that is exactly what her mother did. Carol does not find out until she's been informed that she's been chosen as a semi-finalist and needs to go to Toronto to compete. Lured by the thought that the prize money could buy her that dream bike she's always wanted she reluctantly agrees and since she needs an escot Wally is along the the ride as well. While in Toronto she meets a two-faced nemesis - the Campbell twins who are competing as one contestant and do their best to sabotage Carol while she retaliates and does her best to kick their butts.

It's absolutely stood up to the test of time. It still made me laugh out loud. I like Carol and rather adore Wally. If you can get your hands on a copy I absolutely recommend it, 110%.