Anne Of Ingleside

After reading Anne's House of Dreams recently I felt like continuing with L.M. Montgomery's series. So Anne of Ingleside it was. It was only after I started reading it that I remembered it's not one of my favourite novels.

I think it's because it jumps back and forth between the children and Anne. I find I end up feeling really detached from the characters as there's no real clear line. I remembered that I feel the same way about Rainbow Valley too.

It's more like a collection of stories hobbled together with Ingleside as the connecting factor. And Anne...Anne doesn't feel so Anneish to me in this one.

There are some great characters in it though. Like Aunt Mary Maria. Susan becomes a stronger character (I like Susan a lot, although I can never quite figure out how old she is). Gilbert is mostly absent it seems. And Jem, who could dislike Jem?

One thing I really noticed this time was the foreshadowing to Rilla of Ingleside - Walter & WWI, Jem & Dog Monday. I get the sniffles just thinking of those stories. I'll still plough ahead and read Rainbow Valley soon though. I haven't read it years and I'm dying to read the part where Mary Vance chases Rilla through the town with a codfish.