Curiousity Killed The Cat

I have at least four books I could be blogging about so of course I'm not blogging about any of them. Instead I'm asking questions.

What do you do when are you too tired to read? I mean the bone wearying, practically propping the eyes open with toothpicks, if I have to think about one more thing my brain will short circuit and explode kind of tired.

Because I have a pretty darned good book on the go (The Explosionist) and I haven't touched it in a couple of days because that's how tired I am.

Along that same line of thought, what do you do when you have the winter blahs? I don't meant the "I could use a bit of sun" blahs, but the "I'm so cranky that you'd think I'd had PMS for a month and if I see one more sunflake I'm going to blow something up" blahs. Ok, so it's not quite that bad. I'm every bit that cranky but I don't actually hate the snow yet. I don't need sleep. If I get any more sleep you might as well stick me in a den and call me a polar bear. I'm not lacking in sunshine since I'm walking home from work most days. I'm eating yummy good for me food. But nonetheless I am Grumpy McCrankypants these days. Stupid winter.