February 1, 2008

February 1 was our last day in Paris and our last full day of our vacation. We work up early enough to make it downstairs in time for breakfast. This hotel wasn't our favourite (no elevator, crappiest pillows ever, teeny tiny room) but it did have a couple of resident cats and friendly (if not always helpful) staff. We were debating what we wanted to do that day. The weather wasn't great so it wasn't a good day for walking really. We were throwing around the idea of going to Versailles. Before we made any decisions we decided to see how much cash we still had on us.

Which is when we discovered it.

Sometime the previous day my wallet had been stolen. We had been carrying it in our backpack. The same pocket as our passports, which were NOT touched thank goodness. (No, it did not happen on the subway. We never took the subway. We highly suspect the Virgin Megastore on Champs-Élysées.)

We freaked out, tore the room apart and I cried.

Then we went about the business of cancelling everything. Can I just say, thank you THANK YOU Lonely Planet for putting local numbers for contacting Visa in your guide books? Also, thank you to my inner paranoid freak who was responsibly for me travelling with only the bare minimum of cards on me. Nothing that I lost couldn't be replaced aside from the money and the wallet itself (which I loved and I eventually replaced with a wallet I like but do not love). Oh and a few receipts of some purchases that were being shipped to me, which thankfully made it to Canada in one piece.

After we dealt with that I really wasn't in the mood for sightseeing. I did what any sane and reasonable person would do in my situation. I went out for lunch and then went to the market around the corner from our hotel and bought snacks, a corkscrew and a litre of wine. Then went back to the hotel room, popped a dvd into the player and proceeded to drink the bottle of wine.

It was far from the most fun day we had. And it was a shitty way to end the vacation. And Lee had to give me money to a. take a cab back from the airport in Montreal and b. money to live on for a few days until the bank opened. Thank goodness his didn't get stolen as well. And we consoled ourselves with the thought that at least it happened as the end of the trip and not the beginning.

It was a crappy end but overall we had a wonderful trip. We'd really like to go back to Paris again. Maybe Rome as well (but stay in a different hotel).