I *am* calm dammit!

I'll be the first to admit that I can bitchy. I can particularly be bitchy when given bad service. Of course, people's ideas of "bitchy" varies. To some merely pointing out that you are getting craptastic service = bitchy. To other's you don't cross the bitchy line until a certain tone or phrase leaves your mouth. But dude, don't tell me to calm down when I'm really not a. being bitchy or b. freaking out.

You see it all started when a stupid flyer came in the mail. (Note to self: destroy all such flyers in the future.) We do not eat out often. When we do eat out it's usually because of a Chinese/Japanese/Thai craving or because we're going out for the night to the ballet/concert/movie/hockey game/something. We're too cheap and eat too well at home to go out to eat just for the hell of it. But this stupid Pizza Pizza flyer showed up and it was all downhill from there.

I don't have anything against Pizza Pizza exactly. I mean, it's not particularly good pizza but I've definitely had worse. I've also lived in Montreal within the delivery zone for Amelio's Pizza and I'm sorry but after that all delivery is pretty crappy. Pizza Pizza definitely isn't my first choice but it's probably not my last either.

So this stupid deal was something like two medium pizzas (2 toppings each), 4 cans of pop and 2 2-for-1 movie passes for $19.99. Lee wanted the movie passes. Lee also wanted pizza. It was win-win as far as he was concerned. Me? I was craving Thai but I was ok with pizza. We were out running errands so we figured we'd just run in and do a take out order instead doing delivery.

First off, when we got there the two guys working the counter looked at us a bit blankly when we asked for the deal. And after we pointed to the deal on the flyer we brought with us. (That should have be clue #1.) After punching at the computer for a minute they found it. No biggie.

We sat down to wait for our order and not five minutes passes before some guy came in to pick up his order. Seeing as we were sitting by the cash register we couldn't help but here when the guy behind the counter said, "Um sorry...we're out out movie passes. Give us your address and we'll bring it to you tomorrow. We ran out and we won't have any in until after 10."

Say what?

So I look at Lee and he looks at me and I ask him if he wants to cancel our order. We agreed that if they hadn't started to make it yet we wanted to cancel because oh, they couldn't bothered to tell us they were out of the damn movie passes when we ordered minutes before. So we checked, they hadn't started our order yet and we asked to cancel. When they asked why we told them - we had ordered minutes before and they couldn't be bothered to tell us they were out of movie passes when we ordered.

But we can deliver them to your house tomorrow! Just leave us your address!

Um...no. Can we please cancel our order?

Ok...we deliver tonight.

No. Can we please cancel our order.

At this point the manager comes over and wants to know what the problem is. So we say, again, that we were not told they were out of movie passes even though they clearly knew they were and since our order has not been started we want to cancel.

Calm down. I can deliver tomorrow!

No. We just want to cancel our order please.

I deliver them in 10 minutes!

No. We just want to cancel our order. (While thinking in our heads, "Are you kidding me? You told the other guy you weren't even getting more until after 10 tonight. It's 6:30.)

Calm down. I deliver them!

No. We just want to cancel our order.

Calm down! Calm down.

Now I have to say, I thought I was being pretty damn calm. I thought Lee was being calm. But his repeatedly telling me to calm down make me very much not to be calm.

We are cancelling our order.

Calm down. Fine! I do it. I do it! Calm down!

Eventually they figured out how to cancel our order and return our money.

As we got back in the truck and drove away to go search for a parking place near the Thai place I turned to Lee and ask him if at any point I was NOT calm because I thought that I was really quite calm. He replied that I had been calm, that he was waiting for me to completely lose it and show them what "not calm" was.  I said that I was relieved because I really did think that I was being calm and every time the guy told us to calm down made me want to reach over the counter and shove a pizza in his face. I get that he was trying to save a sale but he not only lost that sale but any pizza sale we'll be making in the next year or so.

So to sum up we certainly won't be going to that Pizza Pizza again and it will be a very, very long time before we even thing about having Pizza Pizza again (I haven't had it in 2 or 3 years, about the same for Lee).  We went out for Thai, spent more money than we would have on pizza, had a fantastic meal and will definitely go back to that restaurant again.

As a lovely footnote to the evening as we were leaving the Thai restaurant we almost got run over crossing the street by a car running a red light. The guy didn't even notice there WAS a light until he almost hit us. As we continue to cross the intersection behind the now stopped car Lee was waiting for me to swear colourfully at the guy...or at least flip him the bird. Instead I gave him a thumbs up. I hope the guy caught the sarcasm with which it was intented.

Not calm my ass.