Her Sexiest Mistake

I've been reading Jill Shalvis's blog for oh, a few years now. It cracks me up (highly recommend it). And yet I've never read one of her books. Ever. I kept meaning too but somehow I just never really got around to it. So after kicking myself in the butt for not doing it sooner I snagged a copy of Her Sexiest Mistake from the library.

There are certain things that one looks for a in a good romance novel - characters you like/care about (it is possible to not like them and still care about what happens to them), a decent plot, good sex scenes, authenticity. Shalvis delivers on all fronts.

Perhaps she even delivers a little too well. While she writes a good sex scene (and really, she does) I found myself rushing through them to get back to the story. I liked Mia/Apple. I loved Hope (she totally make me think of a teen-aged Abby from NCIS). I liked Kevin and didn't want to kick him (I often want to kick men in romance novels). Everyone is the book is flawed and everyone grows. It was a good read and I've already put another one of her books on my request list.