What I did this weekend.

I jokingly said to Lee Sunday morning, "Let's rearrange the books by colour." When he agreed I jumped. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. Lee wasn't certain it was going to look ok...which he said after we had all the books spread out on the floor and I had half of the first shelf done. (Shall we say really not a good time to suggest this was perhaps not a good idea...) But we carried on and this was the result. We also have a black Billy bookcase in our dining room that has two shelves of black books, a library shelf and 3.5 shelves of cookbooks/food lit that is not arranged by colour. Even I can't manage it with cookbooks. I need those grouped together. And on top of the white and black shelf we have the Harry Potters and the James Bond novel box set.

And yes, that stack of green books = Viragos.

I love it. And Lee had to admit that he finds the red and blues nestled up beside each other very soothing.

Please don't ask what is going to happen when we buy more books. Especially if they are blue...or red...or orange or yellow...or more Viragos. We're trying really hard not to think about it.

Now if only Lee would let me do this with his CDs... (I think that will fall under the "when pigs fly and whistle while dancing a jig" category).