Body Check

A few months ago I was reading a blog (which of course I didn't keep track of but I suspect it was Dear Author or Smart Bitches) and someone talked about a series of romance novels that centered around a pro-hockey team. I knew had to read it. So Body Check, the first book in Deirdre Martin's New York Blades series went on my library request list. There was only one copy so it took ages to get it but get it I did and oh, so much fun.

Janna is in PR and she's very good at it. After years of working with soap stars she gets an offer she can't refuse with the New York Blades. Even though they are the reigning Stanley Cup champions they have an image problem. After winning the Cup they partied...and took it to a strip club. They are the bad boys of hockey when she comes in and it's her job to make them clean and shiny in the public eye. She starts off with a plan to get them to do charity events but there's a problem - a rather large attractive problem in the form of team captain Ty Gallagher.  All Ty wants to do is play hockey and he sees no need to such up the the "family-friendly" company that owns the Blades. He brought them a cup. What more do they want from him? Janna and Ty go head to head and more than sparks fly.

Fun. Really fun. So much fun that I'll forgive Martin for not being Canadian, setting it in NYC and for abundance of American players on the roster. They are also so much fun that I'm going to read the rest of them. :)