Food and Fiction Meme

When I saw this food and fiction meme on Kate's Book Blog I knew I had to do it. Food! And books! The perfect combo. What I quickly realized though is that most of the food I remember from books is from non-fiction food-lit. Somehow, rather weirdly, while I can remember reading and enjoying fiction that centers around a foodie theme, or just mentions great food, I don't remember the food.

It's very weird. And disappointing.

Went I went into the library yesterday I took a quick peek into the cookbook section, as I often do. And sitting there innocently on the shelf staring back at me was The Book Lover's Cookbook. I obviously couldn't just leave it there. I was flipping through it in bed last night and while I haven't found any recipes that I must stop everything and try it's fun to read the selections from book and see the recipes they pair up with it. There are also some great quotes about reading scattered throughout the pages.

Has anyone done Kate's meme yet? I want to go steal borrow read your answers.