Feeling Foodie

Today I am feeling foodie. I'm feeling cooky. I'm even feeling bakey. Months and months have gone by while I've heard of the wonder that is Meyer lemons I've actually found some. Actually I found some last week in one of the stores at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal but I didn't buy them. And then I kicked myself in the butt all week because I hadn't bought them. Last night we went to a local market that we rarely go to even though they have such lovely goodies as farm fresh eggs and milk from a small dairy. They also had...meyer lemons!

So today I shall make Smitten Kitchen's Whole Lemon Tart. I've actually never made a tart before and yet thanks to a friend who used to run a small catering business I own tart pans. She also gifted me a number of metal bowls, serving dishes, a small pile of ramekins, and containers that are excellent for freezing stock which I never seem to make. Oh and cookbooks. She gave me lots of cookbooks. (You can see most of my cookbook collection here - I haven't entered the local community cookbooks yet.)

Then for dinner I will make my bolognese sauce for which I don't have a recipe. I just throw things together and stir and taste and fiddle with spices until it tastes good. I might even make biscuits (or not...I might not be feeling bakey after the tart). If nothing else we will eat well this weekend.