The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

I had high hopes for Jennifer 8 Lee's The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food. Unfortunately it didn't come anywhere close to meeting them.

There were tidbits of interesting information in Fortune Cookie Chronicles but overall I felt that the book was choppy. It didn't flow well. It was a bit more impersonal than I had expected (hoped?). There were a few amusing anecdotes and there are parts of the book that I thought had potential. For example the around the world search for the world's best Chinese food. Now that could have been a book in and of itself instead of a long chapter. And it probably would have been much better if that had been the case. Or if it had looked more deeply at people who owned and worked in Chinese food restaurants than touching on it in just a few spots.

I felt like the author had pitched and started writing a book about the history of fortune cookies and then later discovered that they couldn't get an entire book out of it so they threw in other stuff as filler.The author is a talented writer but I felt like the book needed more focus on a single topic.

I was really hoping to like it. I wish I had. Maybe I've just read too much (g00d) food-lit. Or maybe I'm just cranky and picky because the reviewers as overwhelmingly liked it a lot more than I did. sigh