We interupt regular programming

For an announcement.

I know that many of you are on Twitter and those of you who aren't know what it is. You may, or may not, be aware that this week there is a global Twitter fundraising extravaganza, appropriately called Twestival.

In more than 175 cities around the world people are gathering together to raise funds for charity: water. We're trying to bring wells and clean drinking water to those that so desperately need it. It only costs $4000 to provide a community with a well. It's being predicted that Twestival will raise $1 million dollars for charity: water.

All this is being done by volunteers. Companies are sponsoring events and donating prizes. It's about as grassroots as you can get.

The Ottawa Twestival is being organized by @bitpakkit, @ryananderson, @waghorn and well I'm helping out a bit as well. The company I work for, Overlay.TV is sponsoring our local event.

If you are in the Ottawa area please come out. There will be a silent auction and we've got some great entertainment lined up.

If you are not in Toronto check out the main Twestival page to see if something is planned for your area. It's a great cause.

When I was at BlogHer Boston @pistachio said during a panel, "Give me the right five followers and I'll change the world." That's what this event it doing - making our world a little bit better one tweet and dollar at a time.