Send in Ms. Teeny-Wonderful

Send in Ms. Teeny-Wonderful is the third book in the Teeny-Wonderful series by Martyn Godfrey. I can't find an image and I'm too lazy to go get my camera so you'll have to settle for there not being one. I'm still on the hunt for the second book in the series, It Isn't Easy Being Ms Teeny-Wonderful.

In this third novel Carol Weatherspoon has officially taken the title of Ms. Teeny-Wonderful after the original winner had to move to Australia. (Could we get anymore British Commonwealth?) Wally is with her on tour as her official escort and they still find ways to get into trouble. Or trouble finds them depending on which way you look at it.

Carol and Wally are in Ottawa for a bike trade show and the Ms. Teeny-Wonderful Ottawa pageant. While there Carol meets a prince whose sophisticated flirting she finds fascinating until he proposes. Refresher - Carol is in junior high. Every one's favourite twins happen to live in Ottawa and still have a bug up their butt where Carol is concerned, leading to the usual hijinks's between them.

The best part though is when Carol is trying to stop a kidnapping. There's a scene in the revolving restaurant between a British couple and one of the kidnappers that almost had me crying with laughter. (Lee was in the other room and thought I was nuts  - I might be.)

I was sad to learn that Godfrey passed away in 2000. There's a writing award for kids named after him.

I also discovered online that there was a fourth book in this series - Wally Stutzgummer, Super Bad Dude. I had to have it so I've bought it on ebay because I seriously adore Wally and, hello? Awesome title.