24 Days of Christmas: Day 9

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Brown Christmases (I'm sorry but they are most definitely not green) just don't feel Christmasy to me. They feel drab. And dull. And depressing. I'm not crazy about being out in snow (I don't really do cold). I don't like walking in it. I don't like shoveling it. But I like looking at it from inside the house.

I come from someplace where it snows. It snows a lot. As far as I'm concerned snow is a requirement for the holidays. I'm not talking about a dusting either. I don't want to see bits of grass peaking through the snow. I want real snow, with snow drifts. I like the way that Christmas lights look against the snow. I like the way it looks on trees.

Yes, I want movie snow. I realize that. But the thing is, when you live in the areas I've lived in most of the time you get it.