24 Days of Christmas: Day 8

If all goes well, after tonight we should be done Christmas shopping. Well, for anything that we won't be consuming. (We do not have a turkey or anything yet). Tonight we have to pick up gift certificates for my father and that should be it.


But let's be honest. I'll still pick up small things for the fake husband's stocking. And well, let's not talk about what is likely to show up in my stocking. He's mentioned something about caveats for my stocking. I have no clue what this means aside from the fact that it probably means he's spent too much money on stuff. *ahem* (The difference between the two of is us that I buy things like small lego kits as "extras" - he buys theatre tickets.)

We started Christmas shopping months ago. First of all we're frugal (sometimes...you know when we're not buying theatre tickets) and we can get people nicer things for less money when we buy in advance. Secondly, sometimes things just scream out to you at other times of the year. But mostly we hate crowds and the best way to avoid crowded malls is to not go to them in December. What this all means that we should not have to go into a mall, unless we want to, until after Christmas. Can I get a yay?

Almost all our gifts are wrapped too. I know. You hate me.