24 Days of Christmas: Day 7

One year I was that kid. You know the kind, the one that wants a very specific toy. And no, it wasn't a Cabbage Patch doll (though I did want one and I got a knock off that didn't come with a birth certificate and it was all kinds of wrong).

No, I wanted a Schmoosie and I wanted a very particular one. It's the one that is dead center on that page - the purple raccoon. I couldn't tell you why I wanted the raccoon so badly but I did. I was later told that my parents went into every single store looking for one and found it at the last store they could possibly go to. I loved that Schmoosie and I still have it somewhere. It actually used to be on the desk in my home office but since I don't really use the desk in our home office anymore I'm not entirely sure where it went. Probably a filing cabinet.